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14 March, 2018

Remembering The Hopeful Heart

The Lane Of The Hopeful Heart has survived war and peace, emperor and empire … bombs, bullets, fire and revolution.  Its residents have dined on rice gruel and gorged on the poppy; seen the rise of Pragmatism and the spires of Pudong. A lane like so many others in Shanghai: of crumbling, red-brick walls and rusting bicycles, of clothes poles  hanging overhead … the chatter of old men, the  familiar shuffle of mahjong tiles and the smell of cooking from an open window. 

To the casual observer, this lane is picturesque  and charming, but those who lived here have a different tale to tell:  of cold, dank rooms,  a single, fetid toilet to be shared among five households. One kitchen too,  And the rats, the cockroaches …

After the last of the lane’s residents are relocated to new apartments in the sterile hinterland of Pudong, the demolition crews from Sichuan arrive. These strong, dark-skinned people are  efficient and ruthless, they are not hampered by sentimentality and nostalgia: and so one hundred years of community is razed in less than a week.

Even after demolition, the Lane Of The Hopeful Heart has character and ambience: romantic ruins amidst beautiful moonscapes of destruction, dunes of rubble … here and there a shoe, a rice bowl, a child’s doll … the debris of history and lives lived.

I had my workshop on this lane, in a condemned Art Deco mansion built in 1923.  I shared the house with the enemy: the demolition crew and their families lived on the first two floors and I inhabited the rooftop. These polite assassins were kind to me: they fed me, and helped me to rescue wood and window frames from the rubble to mount my pictures.

Today, the Lane Of The Hopeful Heart is a temporary car park, and the men and women from Sichuan have moved on to the next community: there is still a lot of work to do before the brave new world is complete.  

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“A plant which detaches from its root and tumbles away in the wind.” 

There is no raison d’etre here. No grand idea, no clever premise or humorous angles.  Tumbleweed™ is a blog that — like the eponymously named plant — goes wherever prevailing winds choose to carry it. 

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