David MacGregor Barlow

David is a freelance writer who also rescues, repairs and restores  vintage typewriters. 

Previously, David has been a multi award-winning copywriter and creative director — working for ad agencies in Hong Kong, the UK and Singapore. 

He is a  fine arts photographer (with three exhibitions in Shanghai);  a blogger (he created, wrote and photographed  the inaugural Cathay Pacific Holidays Tumblr blog). As an artist, he had a workshop at the top of a derelict, 1920s villa in Shanghai. 

He has written and photographed numerous  features for a wide range of international publications. He has won  prizes for his short-fiction —including  the annual SCMP/ RTHK Hong Kong Short Story Competition.

David writes for a living, but his passion is for restoring old typewriters. He is a self-confessed ‘ typewriter evangelist.’

David is currently  based in Hong Kong.

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