Each month, I highlight one of my restorations — with photographs and videos, as well as background information and provenance. This month, one of my personal favourites …

Rheinmetall KsT (1954)

It’s impossible not to love the matte-green finish with black trim and grey keys, but for me the winning touch is the radio-dial ribbon selector. This is no lightweight portable. And absolutely not a pretty, plastic laptapper. The Rheinmetall KsT is a substantial typewriter made for serious writing. The  sleek design — with a clear martial flair — is matched by the quality of workmanship and performance. The decals are exquisite. This is as close to mint condition as you can get with a vintage typewriter. The original, wood and fabric carry case is unblemished. This typewriter is almost 70 years old but looks and feels like it was made yesterday — testament to the engineering artists and artisans who created this exquisite writing machine. 

A brief intro to this magnificent typewriter. 

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